Make Our World a Better Place: 44 Random Acts of Kindness

Encourage your family to spread that kindness to the people who cross your paths during the holiday season and beyond.

Research Findings for November

This month's findings look at single parents sex lives, safe sleep, drinking during pregnancy, contraception, family dynamics at mealtime and more

Are We Sheltering Our Children Too Much?

Zachary Zagranis attempts to answer a question all parents may ask themselves from time to time.

Saying Goodbye to a Pet

Janine Queenin gives us ideas to help the entire family cope with the loss of a pet

Why Prematurity Awareness Matters to All of Us

November 17th is World Prematurity Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness about the impact and causes of preterm births.

Dad Talk: My Life as a Three-Legged Herbivore

Kevin Jones talks about the rigors of playing with his little son in this month's Dad Talk column

November’s Reading Roundup

A Book With No Pictures Leads This Month’s Reading Roundup

Local high schools to receive additional mental health services

Trillium Family Services selected to provide school-based services at both Philomath High School and Corvallis High School.