Natural Sprinkles Co. is Serving up Healthy Treats in Albany

  If you’ve been to the Albany Farmer’s Market this season, you may have noticed that there’s a new stand in town! Natural Sprinkles Co. (and the family behind it) recently made Albany it’s home, and even have plans

iSpy Summer: Parks in Corvallis and Albany

There are over fifty wonderful parks with play structures in Albany and Corvallis! It’s hard to know where to go or which parks are worth getting the kids out of the car to check out and which ones aren’t.

Three Summer Science Project For Kids

Kids are naturally curious, and they love to see science in action. Summer is the perfect time for learning outside in the sun. Here are some easy projects that you can make at home with your kids: Fizzy Sidewalk

Reducing Sugar, Increasing Nutrition

Although we are constantly bombarded with contradictory information about what’s healthy and what’s not, most experts agree that eating too much sugar is a problem — especially for children. The trouble is that sugar is in just about everything

Local Summer Learning with Food

Summer is a great time to learn using the world around us. Learning about food is an important way to teach your children appreciation for nature. Visit a Farm Many kids are curious about where their food comes from.

10 Strategies for a Stress-Free Bedtime

Bedtime is often one of the most dreaded times of the day. Getting enough sleep is something both new and seasoned parents struggle with and when bedtime is stressful and unproductive it leaves us completely drained. Kids are rapidly

Transitioning to Middle School: The First Few Weeks

The transition from elementary to middle school is notoriously difficult for many children. While some take it in stride, others have a rockier transition. Understanding the challenges beyond the increase in homework and teacher’s expectations is key to helping

Clint Edwards: Parenting, Father’s Day, and Why he no Longer Blames his Wife for a Messy House

Clint Edwards of “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog” took some time out of his busy life to talk with us and answer some questions. You may have read his controversial Washington Post article that went viral,