Gratitude: The Day After Thanksgiving

I’m making leftover turkey sandwiches— pieces of toast spread with mayonnaise and topped with thin slices of turkey and globs of homemade stuffing. The phone rings and I quickly lick my fingers, savoring the zip of sage, before grabbing

Educational Choices

Two Months into the School Year, Are You Wondering If Your Child is in the Right Learning Environment? The school year has begun with children thriving, learning and enjoying new challenges. Many parents are happy with their educational choice;

Helping Your Child Deal with Grief

Divorce and death in the family are hard enough on those of us with the coping skills of an adult, but children deal with grief very differently than adults. Often a child will seem perfectly fine, until they don’t.

We Grieved in Our Own Way

In April of 2013, we had a beautiful baby boy named Oliver and we gave him all of the love we could for 18 days until he passed away. We found out when I was 20 weeks pregnant that

Shamed if You Do, Shamed if You Don’t

Late one evening I was scrolling through my Facebook news-feed and noticed one of my friends had posted a picture of a young woman sitting upon a toilet in a dirty bathroom while breastfeeding her young baby. The caption

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Craft Challenged

Sure you can go to the costume shop and buy expensive, perfect replicas of your child’s favorite character but making costumes at home is part of the fun. If you are the least crafty person on the planet, next

The Trick to a No-Treat Halloween

It all started with a peanut allergy. I was nine years old, trick-or-treating with my best friend Vicki and her brothers, proudly donning my homemade Pippi Longstocking costume. With each house we visited, my pumpkin bucket got heavier and

Say Goodbye to Ghosts (and Other Childhood Fears)

In addition to being a short-order cook, housekeeper, and 24/7 chauffeur, I’m also my kids’ #1 fear-fighter. I check under their beds for bad guys and stick my own arm in the toy bin “to make sure the crab