Pokémon: Go or Stay?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard some rumblings about the Pokémon Go craze. While it’s not the first augmented reality game, it is the first to gain such a large following and wide demographic range. The

Summer Boredom Buster

Family Volunteerism With our busy schedules and our own family’s demands, it often is easy to ignore the needs of those around us. Whether it is helping a neighbor, working with shelter animals or improving our local environment, there

iSpy: August

With only about a month left of summer vacation, it may feel like summer events are winding down and you’re running out of time (and money) for some last minute family activities before school starts up again. Au contraire!

Home Improvement for the Whole Family

With the kids running around the house looking for activities this summer, as well as a bottomless list of house projects to accomplish, it often seems impossible to feel productive around the home while keeping the young ones entertained.

La Escuelita Provides Mindful Learning

Imagine a school that puts priority on living in the moment rather than rushing to follow a curriculum, or a classroom that extends beyond its walls to its surrounding community and natural areas. Imagine a multicultural staff that welcomes

New Baby? Help your soon-to-be-sibling adjust!

There are so many joys and challenges of pregnancy that we often get overwhelmed with the realization of how our lives are about to drastically change. Preparation, both in mind and body, is key to a manageable transition into

What’s been your favorite thing about summer so far?

Kid’s View Mason, age 6 Tanget “My favorite thing I’ve done this summer is going to the Oregon caves, naming a bat there and becoming a Jr. Ranger.” Gavin, age 2 1/2 Albany “My new fishy and hiking Red

What’s been your favorite thing about summer so far?

Parent’s View Armen Amirkhanian, dad of two kids Albany “Traveling to Shanghai.” Tiffany Amirkhanian, mom of two kids Albany “Traveling to see family, and having them meet our kiddos for the first time.” Hannah Darling, mom of two kids