Why We Camp With Our Kids

The birds wake me from a deep slumber. I rise from the hard, unforgiving ground, untangling my slightly sore adult body from my sleeping bag. I forgot to bring a ground pad to put under the bag, something it

The Ten Essentials: A Foundation for Outdoor Adventure

Seasoned outdoor enthusiasts know that preparation is fundamental to creating safe and memorable outdoor adventures. Each trip challenges you to refine checklists, equipment, gear, and experience, and then to adapt all these elements to suit your children’s needs. Consider

Coping When Your Baby Comes Early

When most of us get pregnant, we prepare the room and think about names. We fret about whether we will have a natural birth or forgo being a hero and befriend the anesthesiologist. Few of us plan ahead for

Stop Learning Loss

25 Ways to Sharpen Your Child’s Mind During Summer It’s summertime, and while the school doors may be closed, that doesn’t mean young children have to take a break from learning. In fact, some of that hard-earned knowledge may

Making Housework a Family Affair

Parents, trust me here, society will not be pleased with you if you set your kid loose at age 18 with zero life skills (like how to do laundry without turning it all pink). It’s never too early to

Ways to Combat Distracted Driving

We read in the paper about teens getting into a car crash because they were texting while driving. We’ve seen the heart-breaking public service announcements about a teen’s last text before dying in a crash. Teens get a bad

How to Avoid Camp-itis

Tips for a Happy Homecoming from Summer Camp We got chocolate cake for breakfast! Grandma took us swimming every day. I mowed the yard with Grandpa, (on the riding lawn mower). I can drive now! Whenever my children came

Five Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Summer Camps

I treasure the stories my children tell after arriving home from summer camp. The week-long adventures include experiences sure to build character and bond relationships. Every camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them