Five Reasons to Give Your Child the Gift of Summer Camps

I treasure the stories my children tell after arriving home from summer camp. The week-long adventures include experiences sure to build character and bond relationships. Every camp has a unique way of teaching kids their value while giving them

What Dads Do Best…According to Moms

Pop culture doesn’t appreciate dads. Sitcoms make fun of their diapering (in)abilities or portray dads as irresponsible babysitters who feed the kids pizza, ice cream and sugary soda while mom is out for the evening. Personal experience tells me

Going Tech-Free at Camp

Kids Unplug and Interesting Things Happen In our world of constant connectivity, some might argue that kids shouldn’t be expected to “unplug” for weeks on end. And yet most overnight summer camps are still tech-free zones. Why? Recent studies

Eight Great Gifts For Your High School Grad

The sounds of Pomp & Circumstance fill the air as we approach graduation season. When your graduate closes the door to childhood, you want to give him a gift that reflects that milestone. Stuck for ideas? No matter what

What Kayaking Taught Me About Parenting

We shove off in ankle-high water and I settle into the two-person kayak, taking a tentative dip with my paddle. In front of me my nine-year-old daughter does the same and we glide along behind her sisters in their

Torn: Losing My Father, Loving My Children

My three-year-old daughter’s chubby legs straddled my hip when I heard the news that my father was diagnosed with cancer and was given two years. The phone hung in the balance as I stopped any motion forward, sideways, downward

Books to Match Every Summer Adventure

Summer lends itself to exciting family field trips to zoos, museums, outdoor concerts and more. By choosing books that coordinate with planned activities, you can stretch your family’s fun even further. Just pick your destination from the list below,

Mother’s Day Confidential, The Real Gift

A few years ago for Mother’s Day, my eight-year-old daughter gave me a handmade clay bowl. It was a school art project, as Mother’s Day gifts often are, the kind students make every spring after receiving careful instruction from