Halloween Costume Ideas for the Craft Challenged

Sure you can go to the costume shop and buy expensive, perfect replicas of your child’s favorite character but making costumes at home is part of the fun. If you are the least crafty person on the planet, next

The Trick to a No-Treat Halloween

It all started with a peanut allergy. I was nine years old, trick-or-treating with my best friend Vicki and her brothers, proudly donning my homemade Pippi Longstocking costume. With each house we visited, my pumpkin bucket got heavier and

Say Goodbye to Ghosts (and Other Childhood Fears)

In addition to being a short-order cook, housekeeper, and 24/7 chauffeur, I’m also my kids’ #1 fear-fighter. I check under their beds for bad guys and stick my own arm in the toy bin “to make sure the crab

Staying Calm and Parenting On

Mindfully Accepting Life’s Little Hassels Life is full of daily frustrations. It could be related to not getting enough sleep because your six year old keeps crawling into your bed at night. Or maybe it’s the traffic you have

When Family Dinner Doesn’t Work

10 More Ways to Connect with Your Kids As parents, we have been hearing for years about the many benefits of family dinner. Research shows that children who routinely enjoy meals with their parents have lower rates of substance

Talking Toys Can Silence Imagination

Questions to Ask Yourself Having a toy that can talk is a persistent childhood fantasy. Adults have been trying to bring that fantasy to life ever since Thomas Edison installed miniature, hand-cranked phonographs in porcelain dolls. Over the years,

How to Support Parents When Baby Arrives Prematurely

When you begin your pregnancy you expect to deliver a healthy, full-term baby. If life doesn’t go as planned and baby arrives early it is an extremely stressful event because these babies can be fragile. Preterm babies need specialized

Tips for Building Strong Student-Teacher Relationships

Teacher-student cooperation is an important alliance that starts at home and affects a child’s entire academic career. Having positive relationships with teachers throughout twelve years of school can make the difference between a child who adores school and all