Family Night

Many families find themselves with little opportunity for family time due to the constant demands of everyday life: work, laundry, dirty dishes, errands, shuttling children from one activity to another. For their part, children are often pulled between sports,

Warm Pumpkin Drink Recipe

If you are one of those folks who have been counting down the days until your favorite coffee shop starts serving up their fall specialties, especially anything that has to do with pumpkin, then we’ve got a make-at-home recipe

iSpy: October

Autumn has finally arrived, bringing with it beautiful leaves falling from the trees, holidays, and hot apple cider…but it also brings with it weather that is more unpredictable than usual (which is saying a lot in the Pacific Northwest).

Ten Things To Do in the Willamette Valley This October

It’s that time of year again- pumpkin carving, costumes, hay rides, and eating half of your kids’ candy while they sleep. The Willamette Valley is full of Halloween and Harvest activities to participate in, so if you’re trying to


Are you wondering when and where to take your kiddos trick or treating this year? Going door to door in your neighborhood is always fun, but if you’re looking for something during the day (or just want more candy),

Bringing Home Baby: A Reflection

I gave birth to Ramona, my second child, at the end of August, and since then I’ve been in a daze of alternating bliss and frustration. This pregnancy flew by so much faster than the first. I don’t think

When You Feel Isolated

Being a stay at home parent is the most rewarding, wonderful thing in the world most days… but then there are the other days. Babies are a gift. Anyone who’s ever had one knows this because everyone will tell

What is your favorite thing about the fall?

Kid’s View Jensen Boase, Age almost 3 “Going to preschool with Mattisyn.” Mattisyn Boasee, Age 4 “Jumping in a pile of leaves.” Summer Boase, Age 5 “Going back to school.” Annelie Reeves, Age 5 “Starting school.” Austin Reeves, Age