Mother’s Day Confidential, The Real Gift

A few years ago for Mother’s Day, my eight-year-old daughter gave me a handmade clay bowl. It was a school art project, as Mother’s Day gifts often are, the kind students make every spring after receiving careful instruction from

DIY Day Camp for Your Neighborhood? Here’s How.

Budget Friendly Fun … Plan Now for Summer Summer camp is a win-win situation for families. It gives parents the child-free time they need to work or care for younger children, while keeping their older children occupied with fun

First Time Mom Forever

I stand in line along with everyone else, staring down at pristine sneakers, my hand brushing up lightly against the nylon of new backpack straps. My skin prickles with tension. I look up at the room number again to

Embracing the Hectic Times

Don’t Let A Busy Schedule Wear Your Family Down I’ll tell you what is not helpful during your busiest times of year: beating yourself up about it. Yes, sure, you could have chosen a more zen-minded path, but you

Sneakily Healthy Snack Fun

7 Easy Ways to Boost Nutrition in Your Children’s Meals and Snacks Parents are always on the lookout for new ways to boost the nutritional content of the foods our children consume, but since we often don’t have time

Beyond the Baby Registry, Gifts for New Moms and Dads

Baby registries are a wonderful tool for helping new parents stock their nursery with the many infant essentials every growing family needs. But while these registries include important items like car seats and travel systems, they also tend to

When Is It Safe to Leave Your Tween Home Alone?

Need to run a few errands? Get out of the house for a while for some mental health time or exercise? Around the time your child reaches the pre-tween (tween) years, staying home alone may be an option. But,

Afterschool Programs Promote Physical Activity, Healthy Eating

Evidence is mounting that afterschool programs are an effective tool in the effort to prevent childhood obesity in Oregon