Quick Start Guide for School Year Success

Summer vacation is over. Camping trips, family reunions, hot afternoons at the swimming pool, and late nights are now memories that our kids take with them as they go back to school. Adjusting to the rhythm and expectations of

Lunch…Is in the Bag

The back to school season brings multiple changes for children and parents, one of them being the fact that children are now at school instead of home for that important midday meal. Whether your child purchases “hot lunch” at

iSpy: September

Well, it’s that time of year. School is starting which means that you are either parenting fewer children during the day, or are even kid free! Are you looking for some pre-school aged kiddo or kiddo free things to

Raising Grandchildren

After her youngest daughter left home, Eileen began preparing for retirement. She sold her home, bought an RV, joined an RV club, and began the transition to a simpler life as a retired snowbird. Her plans quickly came to

6 Easy Pre-Reading Games for Little Ones

There’s something really cool about being a parent of a kid between the ages of two and five: change happens quickly. While every child is different, odds are good that most kids have a combination of explosive growth in

What are you most looking forward to about school starting?

Kid’s View Mya Andrews, age 10 “Being in class and seeing my friends.” Cooper Andrews, age 7 “Having fun!” Noah Stephens, age 10 “Meeting new friends.” Preston Bills, age 9 “Being with my friends, and reading all the books

What are you most looking forward to about school starting?

Parent’s View Karen Barnett, Two kids ages 14 & 16 Albany “I am looking forward to getting busy on some projects I’d set aside while the kids were home.” Dusty Andrews, Two kids ages 7 & 10 Adair Village

Pokémon: Go or Stay?

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard some rumblings about the Pokémon Go craze. While it’s not the first augmented reality game, it is the first to gain such a large following and wide demographic range. The