Interview with J.M. Muller

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for a cup of coffee with local author, J.M. Muller, and ask her some questions about her recently published book, Colors of Immortality. J.M. Muller is a Willamette Valley native. She

Love and Connection with Your Children

When a newborn baby first comes into the world, love comes easily and naturally. They are so dependent you for every little thing. As children grow older and become more independent, that love never goes away or becomes any

Pick Up a Book!

Stuck Inside on a Rainy Day? Here’s what classrooms around the valley are reading! “We have such a wide range of readers in 6th grade, so they love everything from the Captain Underpants series, to the Divergent trilogy. Harry

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Egg in a Heart

Need a fun and festive way to start out your Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, a school morning for most families. You may not have time to cook up an elaborate breakfast to celebrate–and

iSpy: February

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your valentine, why not stay local and support the people in your community?                       

Palate Training 101: Fresh Ideas for Your Toddler’s Plate

Fresh Ideas for Your Toddler’s Plate  Need a few ideas to get you out of your rut and expand your child’s palate? • Try barley with sautéed mushrooms, quinoa with raisins, or whole grain spinach tortellini for a new

Martial Arts for Kids

There are endless extracurricular activities available for kids, which makes it easy to fill up your whole week with sports practices, swim lessons, and music classes. The thought of adding one more thing may seem daunting, but we are

Taking Care of Your Children’s Teeth

  A milestone in every child’s life is their first tooth. Their once toothless grin gives way to the signs of growth and readiness for eating “big people” food. It also begins routines necessary for keeping those teeth clean