4 Ways to Encourage Independence Every Day

The key is to let kids test their skills in developmentally appropriate ways. Here are some way to accomplish that.

Oregon Requires Child Eye Exams for Upcoming School Year

Law goes into effect for the upcoming 2014-15 school year for children 7 years old or younger

July’s Research Findings

This month: fathers who do chores bolster daughters' career aspirations; study links pesticide exposure in pregnancy to autism and much more.

Taking Your Baby Camping – Solutions for Serenity

The following tips and encouragement from baby-camping veterans might sway you from feeling too intimidated to take your baby camping.

Soothing the Stings, Bites, and Burns of Summer

Summer brings an abundance of biting insects, ultraviolet sunrays, and rash-producing plants. These home remedies can be used for great results.

Mom’s Toolbox of Summer Sanity Savers

With preparation and a few proven summer-ready tools, you can save your sanity and make it a summer to remember.

New to Town? 8 Ways to Make Family Friends Fast

While moving to a new community can be daunting at first, these eight tips will help you find new friends fast.

But What of the Parents, Who Must Graduate Too?

Graduation is a time of transition not just for our children, but for their parents as well.

June’s Research Findings

This month: fussy toddlers are watching more tv, diabetes skyrocketing among children and teens, 1/3 of 1st time moms suffer depression & much more.

Learn Valuable Lessons From Watching What Dads Do Best…

Stereotypes aside, It can be hard to make room for dads’ different style of parenting but here's how we can learn valuable lessons from watching what dads do best.

21 Ways for Kids to Avoid the Summer Slide

Avoid the "summer slide" with these 21 boredom busters for all ages that will keep your kids' minds active all summer long.

Teaching Children Self-Control

Part of the responsibility of parenting is teaching our children how to control their responses to the world they live in. Here's some tips for helping your child with self-control.