iSpy: March

Making Birthday Party Magic… 20 Spots that Do the Work for You    Planning a child’s birthday celebration should be something to look forward to, but sometimes it can also be stressful! Having a simple party at home saves

Backyard Chickens

There’s More to a Garden than Vegetables! Early spring is the perfect time to start a backyard garden. Getting kids involved in the planning and preparation of your outdoor space provides a unique, rewarding experience, and allows for a

Gardening With Children: What You Need to Know

Children are avid and inquisitive little learners, who love to discover and explore the world around them, often recalling with equal excitement those new discoveries and experiences. Starting a vegetable garden is a great way to combine a child’s

Hannah’s Hummus Recipe

Hannah’s almost World-famous Hummus: A Recipe to Highlight All of Those Garden Vegetables This Spring!  Are you a connoisseur of hummus? Tried it, but it’s not for you? Refuse to try it and are morally against it? This hummus

Make Your Own Luck This Saint Patrick’s Day!

Some days you may feel like you were born with the “bad luck gene” or that the universe is conspiring against you, when the reality is actually just a perfect storm of coincidences. On those days, after the first

Local Activities for Spring Break

As we head into March, we know what’s fast approaching: Spring Break. Though the kiddos are chomping at the bit for these five free days, we know as parents that the week can get a little long if there

Age Appropriate Chores

What Chores are Appropriate for Your Child? The majority of parents would agree that chores are good for children, but some may wonder if the added responsibility will have a negative impact. Some parents are so busy that they

Kid’s View: What is Your Favorite Vegetable?