About Us

Valley Parent published its first edition in April of 2002, currently its readership is 22,000.  We serve Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Sweet Home and Philomath in Oregon.  Publication is monthly, most of the area’s elementary schools send the magazine home to parents, we also have over 300 outlets for parents that have children that are not in one of the schools that we serve.  We are free to the general public.

Mission Statement

Benefiting the interests of children by means of communication with parents is the sole purpose of Valley Parent Magazine.

Mission Mandates

Our mission assumes certain values, these are:

ALL WALKS OF PARENTS need to feel served by Valley Parent as by definition they will affect their children’s interests. Therefore, the magazine will perpetuate no one belief system, whether religious, political or otherwise.

NO POLITICAL OPINION will ever be represented in any story as parenting is not a political process.

NO ONE METHOD OF parenting or education will be favored by the magazine over another, though individual stories may do so to the extent that oppositional viewpoints are anticipated to be represented within a reasonable length of time.

OUR CORE VALUE is that children are best served when they are parented in an intentional way that is filled with love. This will mean that our core editorial goal is to promote that parents consider options carefully in light of each individual child’s needs. To that end our content should promote that parents and their children spend asmuch time as possible together so that parents may best understand the needs of each individual child.

Editorial Standards

ALL EDITORIAL MATERIAL must serve to benefit the interests of children.

SUBMISSIONS MUST be from professional writers or be reviewed by the Editorial Advisory Board, sources must be credentialed experts.

THE EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD must consist of at least one professional writer (someone that has derived their main source of income as a writer for at least five years), two health care professionals and two educational or mental health professionals.

PUBLISHER MAY NOT, even if serving as editor, decide to run editorial material submitted by businesses or service organizations. All such material must be reviewed by a staff writer or editor without conflict of interesrt.

Advertising Standards

WE ACCEPT ADVERTISING that does not conflict with the interests of children and recognize that differences may exist as to how that is defined.  If any party believes our acceptance or refusal of an ad conflicts with this standard they may request a review by our Publisher, and if there is still  disagreement after the Publisher’s findings and decision, the matter may be taken up by our Editorial Advisory Board.

NO POLITICAL ADVERTISING will be accepted by Valley Parent Magazine.  We do recognize that political issues arise that can and do affect the interests of children, though it is our view that Valley Parent Magazine is not the appropriate forum for these issues.  This restriction applies to all ballot measures and initiatives and office holders or seekers.  We do not accept issue advertising.

PUBLIC SERVICE ADVERTISING DISCOUNTS are available through Valley Parent Magazine at a sliding scale and they can be quite substantial.  Our Editorial Advisory Board has structured a means for determining these discounts that is intentionally easy to comply with.  It is our intent to encourage public service.

ALL ADVERTISING must be suitable for viewing by anyone of any age.

VALLEY PARENT MAGAZINE reserves the right to refuse advertising at will.