Interviews with readership reveal they prioritize spending on their children and home, enough respondents report using some variety of professional financial advisor that a breakout will probably be in the next survey. 79.4% report using either the calendar or hometown highlights sections for decision making in the last two months. 47% report they have retained a reference article for more than one month sometime in the last year.

What Valley Parent Offers

  • 22,000 readers per month in Linn & Benton Counties
  • Most of the area’s elementary schools send Valley Parent home to parents, we also maintain 300 outlets
  • Each month’s edition has material for the parent of any age child
  • Valley Parent is run by a very experienced staff, we simply do not bring anyone in without years of experience

If What You Offer Targets Women, Know That 90% of Readership are Moms, Here’s Our Reader’s Profile:

  • Age: 96. 3% are Between 23 & 42
  • Married: 74.6%
  • Number of Children: 1.94
  • Family Income: $43,724
  • Homeowners: 63.3%
  • Vehicle Age: 4.3 Years
  • Working: 78.2%