Natural Sprinkles Co. is Serving up Healthy Treats in Albany


IMG_3086If you’ve been to the Albany Farmer’s Market this season, you may have noticed that there’s a new stand in town! Natural Sprinkles Co. (and the family behind it) recently made Albany it’s home, and even have plans to set up a brick and mortar bakery downtown by October.

On any given Saturday, you may find artisan breads, cinnamon rolls, icing sandwiches, and much more at the Natural Sprinkles Co. stand at the Albany Farmer’s Market. The best part? Natural Sprinkles Co. is committed to using healthy ingredients in their baked items, their frosting, and even in their many varieties of sprinkles. Jolene Wilson, owner of Natural Sprinkles Co., says that they achieve the vibrant colors of their sprinkles by using hand-selected fruit and vegetable powders, which makes them dye-free. Their products are kosher and halal, and many are also sugar-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and soy-free. Their sprinkles are even free of GMOs, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial additives.

18359507_1878907322326355_5907925936523135309_oSo what brought Natural Sprinkles Co. to Albany? Although her family is new to the Albany area, Jolene actually grew up here. She even worked for a dentist in North Albany, which caused her to enroll in dentistry school to become a dental assistant when she graduated from high school. After she married her husband and became a Navy wife, she began learning how to bake for events like her children’s birthday parties which inspired her to go on to pastry school in 2013 at Escoffier Culinary Academy. After that, she spent time working at a high-end bakery in Mobile, Alabama where she found her love for making sprinkles.

When her husband retired after 20 years in the Navy, they decided trek back to Albany and set up shop. Their hope is to open a full-service bakery downtown somewhere near the new carousal.

Local architect, Tim Hurley, is helping design their new “sprinkles lab”. They plan on offering everything they bring to the Farmer’s Market, plus much 17362442_1855114044705683_6970727771490437797_nmore. The Wilson family wants their bakery to be a place that families can come and enjoy the atmosphere, play a game, and maybe even watch a movie on a projector. They’ll be making cakes and cupcakes and hope to even set up a space for kids to decorate their own during special events.

Of course, they will be making their sprinkles in the new shop and selling them for their customers to take home. They use a combination of hand-piping, presses, and stamps to make their many varieties of classic and seasonally changing sprinkles.

Their new bakery space will provide a family-friendly environment that’s open later on the weekends, which is something that Albany is in need of. Their desire is to do a lot of great things in the community.
When they open, Natural Sprinkles Co. will be making things in-house as much as possible and using local ingredients wherever they can. Jolene has always had a very farm-to-table mindset and it shows in the way that she feeds her family, as well as in the way that she bakes for her company. Not only does she steer clear of harmful ingredients, she tries to add nutrition and trace antioxidants into her healthy sweets as much as possible by including Young Living essential oils, mineral powders, and many more!

Jolene-300x300Jolene and her family want much more than to create food that is good for their customers, they also want their business practices to be good for the environment. Natural Sprinkles Co. is involved in many green initiatives and regularly donates to charities.

If you’re interested in sampling some of Natural Sprinkles’ irresistible baked goods, you can find them at the Albany Farmers Market on Saturdays between 9am-1pm or keep up to date on the progress of their new shop by following them on Facebook. Their famous sprinkles can be purchased on their website and will be for sale in their new shop when it opens.

by Hannah Darling

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